How Our Doors Stack Up

Learn what sets a Western door apart.

More Selection

Boasting one of the widest selections, we stock over 1200 different doors across species, sizes and styles.

Solid Wood Sticking

Solid wood sticking expertly milled produces a crisp, detailed profile for strength and beauty. It’s all in the details.

Better Construction

Wood dowels are used at all intersections of stile and rails helping eliminate joint separation. We don’t take any shortcuts.

Thicker Veneers

What really sets us aparat is the fact that we utilize thicker veneers on our doors exceeding the industry standard. Why do thicker veneers matter? They allow for a more forgiving working surface when sanding and finishing. Finally we color match each veneer for consistency in grain and tone.

LVL Cores

Our doors feature LVL (laminated veneer lumber) cores on the stiles and rails creating a stronger, more stable product that resists warping. LVL cores outperform particle board without additional weight.

Panel Gaskets

Another innovative component of our doors is a gasket that mitigates expansion and contraction of the panels.

Trimmable. Durable.

(1) Solid wood edge bands that are 3/8″ thick allow you to trim the door down to get just the right fit. (2) There are 2mm cross bands used to ensure a smooth surface reducing veneer lift.

That’s what differentiates a Western Interior Stile and Rail door. Nothing else comes close.