Prefinishing Capabilities

As a value-added distributor, we take pride in our prefinishing services helping builders’ get the job done right, ultimately better serving homeowners.

For over 30 years we have made finishing an integral part of our services and once you see our work you’ll understand why we are considered the leader in millwork finishing.

We utilize highly durably topcoats to ensure a finish that protects the wood for superior durability.

We excel in both hand-wiped and standard sprayed-on application processes for enhanced grain clarity, richer texture and overall appearance.

Finally, we have invested heavily in our prefinishing capabilities with this installation of state-of-the-art technologies automating and better controlling the finishing process.

Interior Stain Colors

Exterior Stain Colors

Springbrook on Poplar

Autumn on Oak

Cane on Maple

Regency on Oak

Golden on Fir

Mocha on Rustic

Exterior Paint Colors

Rollex Evening Gray


True White

Rollex Brown