Interior Stain Colors

We offer 12 standard colors of stains in 4 different species.

For illustrative purposes only
Please note that actual colors may vary due to screen differences and lighting conditions. Refer to your dealer’s physical sample swatches before making your purchase.


Springbrook on Maple

Light on Maple

Pecan on Maple

Cane on Maple

Meadow on Maple

Nutmeg on Maple

Cider on Maple

Clove on Maple

Cardamom on Maple

Espresso on Maple

Autumn on Maple

Wine on Maple


Springbrook on Oak

Light on Oak

Pecan on Oak

Cane on Oak

Meadow on Oak

Nutmeg on Oak

Cider on Oak

Clove on Oak

Cardamom on Oak

Espresso on Oak

Autumn on Oak

Wine on Oak


Clear on Pine

Springbrook on Pine

Light on Pine

Pecan on Pine

Cane on Pine

Meadow on Pine

Nutmeg on Pine

Cider on Pine

Clove on Pine

Cardamom on Pine

Espresso on Pine

Autumn on Pine

Wine on Pine



Springbrook on Poplar

Light on Poplar

Pecan on Poplar

Cane on Poplar

Meadow on Poplar

Nutmeg on Poplar

Cider on Poplar

Clove on Poplar

Cardamom on Poplar

Espresso on Poplar

Autumn on Poplar

Wine on Poplar